Voice Chat and Info
Game Servers
PixArk: ARK Island: TBA (Currently Down) ARK Ragnarok: TBA (Currently Down) ARK Tester: TBA (Currently Down) Minecraft Bedrock: TBA
To add a server for ark or Pixark go to View in steam then to Servers then click on the Favorites tab then click The Add A Server button  put in the full address such as in the window then click Add Address To Favorites. You should now see the server in your favorites list in game as well on the Favorites Tab.
All servers are PvE unless stated otherwise. We expect all players to respect each other and the admins/mods. To that end we have some very basic rules to enforce this. 1. Don’t beg the admins/mods for things in-game or on discord, they may and in some cases will offer to help. 2. Do no greef other players AT ALL (IE building on or near others bases, or making player traps). What is a trap you ask well if a player has to leave an area in a fashion other than how they got there, that would be a trap. IE if a player walks into a hole then they need to be able to walk out of that hole or easily make a way out of it. Taking another’s items is also greefing. 3. Even if you donate that doesn’t bypass the rules, so keep that in mind. 4. If you loose things normally we will not help with that so please don’t ask. 5. Rules can be changed or added to at anytime, but there will likely be some grace period for enforcement. As you can see the rules are fairly simple and if you are worried you are braking a rule ask as it is better to know. Greeffing gets two warnings then a ban. If an admin / mod says you were greefing that is it you were. It doesn’t matter if you feel you weren’t. The admin / mod will explain what it was and what not to do in the future. disagreeing with an admin / mod explainning what was done to cause said greefing will eat all warnings and resault in an instant ban. Admins / mods donate thier time they should get harassed for enforcing the rules. Don’t worry to much the two warnings drop after a month. However admins / mods have the right to ban or kick if you habitually abuse the greef warning system.